It’s the technology that lies under the hood that makes Sony’s next-gen console something to admire.

Sony’s entry into the next generation has finally arrived on European shores.

Arriving at around 9am on Thursday 19th November, I for one could not wait to see if this machine could live up to the hype.

First of all, the console itself. As many have noted, it is huge. …

WARNING: There are some spoilers for The Last of Us Part Two

Naughty Dog’s eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2013’s blockbuster game is what every gaming sequel should be.

What makes a good a videogame sequel?

A game which progresses a narrative, one which develops characters we already know and introduces the player to new ones, an experience which feels familiar but brings in new gameplay elements.

The 24-hour playthrough was an experience I will never forget, however, one thing stood out to me once I took control of Ellie and later WLF outcast Abby, the game felt more fluid compared…

Matt Astbury

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